A verbal march on Washington

I won’t be attending the Women’s March on Washington tomorrow due to illness so this is my verbal march. It’s a march for all of us that can’t be there in person.

We are here, we are queer
We are doctors, lawyers, cashiers, writers, actors, friends, lovers, brothers, sisters. We are American citizens and we are here and we are queer. We see you, we see you deleting LGBTQ rights pages and pushing for conversion therapy. We see you and we are not afraid. We will continue to celebrate our very queer essence. Hear our fuckin’ roar!

Not my president
We are executives, interns, bus drivers, school teachers, moms, dads. We are American citizens and we are here and we are protesters. We believe in the right to peacefully gather and call out the hypocrisy and injustice of the American government. We see you and we are not afraid. We will be outside your business, in your streets, in your media. Hear our cries!

Bridges not walls
We are the future generations of this nation built from immigrants. We are everyone. We believe in the right to citizenship and protection. No wall will stop our existence. We see you and we are not afraid. We will continue to build generations of Americans. Hear our chant!

We are every citizen disenfranchised by this administration of bigots and cowards. We are every person oppressed by a government set up to honor white male privilege. We believe in equal protections and opportunities for ALL. We see you and we are not afraid. We will continue to fight for justice and equality. Hear our fuckin’ screams!

Oppression is defined as ‘the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control.’ To deny or strip away rights from a group based on skin tones, sexuality, gender identity is the core of oppression. Oppression is the tool of  cowards. The cowards now reside in our capitol but the courageous are marching in the streets.

As the mighty and the courageous, let’s lift up the weight of this oppression. Do not let it weigh more heavily on those of us most vulnerable. Take every ounce of your privilege and leverage it to protect your fellow American.




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