3 Fuck Yous to anti-transgender bills

Generally, I write my blogs and columns as a way to bridge the gap between people outside the gender binary and those living deeply within it. I frame issues in a way to create dialogue and mutual understanding. This is important to manifest true change and foster open conversations around ‘controversial’ issues. This is the nature of who I am and the style I will continue to maintain (except today).

As a person living outside the social norms of gender I’m carving out space here to be outraged at the injustice. To be pissed at the 44 bills across  the U.S. targeting transgender people. To feel a sting in my soul at The Advocate’s headline ‘REPORT: 2016 Is the Most Dangerous Year for Transgender Americans.’ I’m angry and I should be. *I will be saying fuck a lot.

So, here it goes.

  1. Fuck you! To the 26 bills trying to prevent transgender people from using public facilities that match their identity.

Ok, most of these bills deal with public restroom usage. I’m mean for fuck’s sake, do you realize how enraged most Americans would be if their bathroom usage was trying to be regulated. I want to do some public shaming here. Let’s just start with Washington. Washington has 6 of these bills. 5 of them repeal laws and regulations that protect transgender people. Really? Didn’t your parents teach you that you don’t give something to someone and then take it away?


I’ve got to call Massachusetts out as well. Dude, you were the first state to legalize same-sex marriage. You now have a bill that wants to require people t0 use public facilities according to their anatomical sex. Fuck you. Also, how are you going to regulate this one? The Penis Police? The Vagina Vics. BT-dubs, lots of transgender people will 100% pass your anatomical sex requirement. SO FUCK YOU!

Indiana, I’m sorry but I have to pick on you. You’re near and dear to my heart. I love you so, but frankly, it’s getting harder and harder to defend your beauty and sweetness. You’re an abusive partner that I once adored but then you keep doing crazy shit. You have two bills that say, hey, let’s use your gender assigned at birth as a way to decide what bathroom you use. Guess what???? You’re stupid. First, do you realize how ridiculous it’s going to look to try to sort by this system? Take a look at the Instagram hashtag “transgender.” Ok. How do you decide? Hmmmmm???? Who was assigned male at birth and female? Good fuckin’ luck!

2. Fuck you! To the bills that are trying to allow people and businesses to discriminate against transgender people.

Can we take a minute and realize these bills violate the simplest ideals the majority of us were taught as children? Be kind to others. Don’t hit. Try to understand some people are different from you. Yet, we have grown-ass adults wanting tstorage.torontosunhe legal ability to be dicks. Well, fuck you.

I don’t discriminate. I don’t give a fuck if you’re an extreme hillbilly in love with Trump. That’s you. You do you. I do me. It’s a simple rap philosophy.

3. Fuck you! To the bills that are working to prevent transgender people the ability to change their legal documents to their gender identity. 

I’ve kept my legal documentation all female because for me it’s a tiny bit of activism in my daily interactions. Forcing people to rethink the legal definition of female. But trust me, it’s been awkward as fuck and sometimes even caused me to avoid social situations. But this has been my decision.

However, if some of these bills pass many transgender people will be forced to carry documentation that doesn’t recognize their gender identity. This will not only be awkward but dangerous. Imagine showing your ID to buy beer and you have a beard and a female marker. There are people who will literally kill you because of this.

Let’s say you’re 5’8″ and weigh 145. You get your driver’s license and they have you at 6’5″ and 210. That’d make you uncomfortable, right? Well, take that feeling and multiple it times 100,000 and you get a hint of what it feels like for a transgender person. Fuck you, Tennessee and Virginia.

All jokes aside. Why is it so hard to accept that some people aren’t going to stay the gender they were assigned at birth? People’s decision to do this has no affect on you. Let it go.

Read all about this bullshit here and here.

Also, please show up and vote. Show up and be pissed. Show up for me. Show up at the rallies, sign the petitions, write your governor, write your momma, write your senator.


You are who you say you are,
– leo


  1. Fuck YES!!! Thank you for your voice- gender is not binary… i will not be shoved into a gender box that my anatomy once prescribed to…
    This country is quite comical in terms of personal freedom and continuing to create divisions wherever possible.
    The minority always stands united- the majority suffocating advocacy and evolution.

    God Bless America- land of the stagnant home of the fearful.
    I will identify however I choose. I am NOT afraid.

    • Leo Caldwell

      YES! I’m happy you took the time to comment. 🙂 Thank for your voice and your fearlessness!

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